Why Your Community Matters
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The Power of Community In Your Business

There’s a saying. “When you go in alone, you go fast. But when you go with others, you go fast and far.”

Today we’re talking about community: why it matters, why it’s important, and how it can help you as a business owner.

Think about the spaces and places in your life that you look forward to and thrive in. Chances are, there’s some kind of community formed around them. Whether it’s the same crew that shows up to workout every week, the same commenters in a Facebook Group that you feel like you know more than your partner, or the same group of parents at the kid sports events on the sidelines.

A community gives you accountability. It *should* feel like a safe space for you. It is often your cheer squad or that kick in the pants that helps you get things done.

There’s no such thing as a successful 100% solopreneur. 

Why? Because it is impossible for you to DIY all aspects of your business from start to finish. 

How can you do everything in your business and still serve your clients?  You can’t.

This is a myth that we’re here to gently bust because it’s not possible to do it all on your own, turn a profit and not be completely burnt out at the end of it.

You need a community surrounding you to assist and support you.  But not only that, we’ve found that a community helps you find resources to help with what’s outside of your wheelhouse or even personal network.

We all know that if you want to turn a profit, you have to really focus on what’s important in your business, what your skills and expertise are – so what happens when you run into a wall?  

Well it’s all about who’s in your corner, or who we’ll call: a battle buddy.

This week on the podcast we’re talking about finding a battle buddy and community.

Listen here: 🎙 Season 3, Episode #6: Having a Community is a Must 🎙

One of the key components of a battle buddy is having someone who understands what you’re going through in your day-to-day business.  Someone who has a common bond and goal with you and why it is so important to have that person in your world.

Do you have a battle buddy?

OR a community that you tap into when you need motivation and assistance?

What is the one thing you look for when joining a new group or community?

And if you are interested in joining the next round of the Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp community, click here.

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