What is it like working with

the Serendipitous rebels?

One of the things I'm called to do in business is be seen.

I know I can impact more women and help them through speaking. A podcast fulfills that. One of the cool things about podcasting is it goes to other platforms that I'm not currently on. People can hear my content in more syndicated areas.

The community provided in the bootcamp allowed for more collaboration and the ability to mastermind and workshop through a lot of my content. It was awesome!

- Tammy pereira, facebook and ads expert

I love the life we are designing. Without Krystal & Wendy our podcast doesn't happen. We are so happy we hired them to help us pivot into our new business.

- Kelly & Abigail White, The mother daughter journey

That's exactly why I signed up - to help figure out my why and my purpose, and how to tie it back into stories that matter and then how to set it up for success. I cannot speak highly enough about Krystal and Wendy and the bootcamp they built because it really, really allows you to dig deep.

-Mallory Schlabach, GirlBoss Agency