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Drilling into your purpose
Purposeful Podcasting

Purposeful Podcasting: Why Profit Matters

This week we are re-airing our episode on Why Profit Matters that we shared for our Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp promo.

Wendy and Krystal discuss the importance of profit in running a business. They define profit as revenue minus expenses and emphasize that it is crucial to make a profit in order to have a sustainable business. They also discuss the importance of aligning profit goals with one’s purpose, and the need to value one’s time and energy in calculating expenses. They caution against shooting oneself in the foot by making poor financial decisions when revenue exceeds expenses.

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Drilling into your purpose
Purposeful Podcasting

Purposeful Podcasting: Drilling Into Your Purpose

This week we are re-airing our episode on Drilling Into Your Purpose that we shared for our Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp promo.


In this episode, Krystal and Wendy explain why purpose matters in podcasting and how podcasting can help businesses. They discuss the definition of purpose, which is the central self-organizing life aim, and how purpose is what drives resources and goals. The hosts believe that having purpose makes people happier, healthier, longer living, and more joyful. Purpose allows individuals to reach their higher aspirations or higher aims, which is not always work-related, and can help individuals focus on the one thing they need to do in their business to make money. Purpose helps entrepreneurs build a strategy that serves that purpose.

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Why Women Should Be Podcasting
Purposeful Podcasting

Purposeful Podcasting: Why Women Should Podcast

Why Women Should Podcast

In this weeks episode of Purposeful Podcasting we dig into why women should start podcasting.

Wendy Guth and Krystal Eicher discuss the topic of why women need to podcast. The discussion was sparked by a male celebrity’s comment that women reach their prime in their 20s, 30s, or maybe 40s. Wendy and Krystal argue that women have a lot to say and should have more representation in the world to share their stories and add value to conversations. They believe that stories shape culture and worldviews and that a lack of representation of women’s views is why there’s something wrong with the world. Wendy suggests that the number one reason women should start a podcast is that they have something to say. They also agree that podcasting is a low-barrier entry opportunity to express oneself and share one’s passion.

At what age do you think women reach their peak?

Recently Don Lemon made the statement that women are past their prime after 40. And while he has made great efforts to try to walk that back (sort of?), we are pissed nonetheless. Mainly because if that were true, where would Serendipitous Rebel be today with two women, ages 57 and 37, at the helm? Apparently not that far.

And yet, it’s a sentiment that seems to instigate a lot of imposter syndrome with women today. So many that we speak with feel that they have nothing to add to the conversation. We argue that the opposite is true.

With age, comes wisdom.

And frankly, that’s a relief. We still have something to say, even later in life, and what we have to say can add even more value to the mix, because we have lived. Can you imagine if all of our contributions to the world peaked at 25?

If you ask us, this life gets better with age. We learn more and can add more value to the conversations around us because we have picked up more world views and knowledge along the way.

When you have those conversations in the form of a podcast, you are showing, by your example, that we are not alone – that others share our world views and frustrations. You normalize conversations that more people should be having.

The world needs more women sharing their voices and stories. And we advocate that a woman’s voice is most needed in their 30’s, 40’s and 60’s. Women have experience and stories that need to be shared in this space.


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Transcript of today’s episode:

Krystal Eicher, Wendy Guth

Wendy Guth 00:55
Hello, there and welcome to this episode of Purposeful Podcasting. I’m Wendy and I’m here with
Krystal. For the first time I’m just saying her name and not waiting for her to say it. And we’re
actually here to talk about a topic that is really near and dear to our hearts. And that is why
women need to podcast. I will start this by saying I have been righteously indignant today,
having just heard a male celebrity say that women reach their peaks, or they’re in their prime
sorry, in their prime in their 20s, 30s, maybe 40s. And I’m sure you’re like, “Well, what does
that have to do with podcasting?” Oh, it has a ton to do with podcasting. And that is what we’re
going to get into right now. Welcome. Welcome, everyone, and welcome Krystal.

Krystal Eicher 02:00
Welcome,everyone. Yeah, when we were really talking about this week’s episode, which has
been on the docket for some time now, it’s you know, why more women should podcast and
why we feel so passionate about this. And then the story came up, and we were like, oh, now
we really have to double down because we were pissed. Because this is and this is why more
women need to podcast, because we need more women’s voices in the world, adding value to
the conversation so that more people know that we exist. Because I think people forget that we
exist long past our 40s. Oh, my gosh, if we peek in our, that means you’re done. And I’m almost

Wendy Guth 02:42
I can’t even tell you how much that pisses me off. I will say that I am very proudly 57 years old.
And does that mean my life ended 20, 30 years ago?

Krystal Eicher 02:54
A long time ago, apparently.

Wendy Guth 02:56
Oh my gosh, no way. And I am so emphatic that my life actually did not begin until I hit 50.
Doesn’t take away from my childbearing years. It doesn’t take away from, you know, my
relationship years. It just means that the older we get, we feel more comfortable in our skin.
And it’s really about time that everyone, everyone realize this. Life does not end at any given
time, you know, oh my gosh, this really has me so pissed off. And I think about it, and it’s like,
how can you say that someone hits their prime in their 20s? What do they do for the rest of
their f*ing lives?

Krystal Eicher 03:44
Oh gosh, that sounds so depressing to me. It’s like people who peak in high school?

Wendy Guth 03:48
Well, that’s exactly what I was…we share the same brain on this one. Yes. You know, the best
years of my life happened when I was you know, what is it? 14 to 18? Holy crap, that’s just, no,
that’s depressing. Oh, my gosh. And it’s so intriguing to me, because we have the opportunity,
and really a fairly low barrier for entry, to speak our minds, to say what we feel, to share our
passion for a lot of what we do that is with female entrepreneurs. But it actually could be
anyone who has a passion on a topic. It’s like you sit down in front of a computer, and you have
some sort of a recording device, you know, and you have a microphone and just speak.

Krystal Eicher 04:48
Yeah, it’s such a great way for people to express their views on things and share their stories.
And I think that we all can agree that stories are the things that shape so much of our culture
And our worldview, and I think that if when you think about their topics that we are constantly
engaging in the world, it is the stories that shape those conversations that really are going to
make those decisions in the long run. It’s not laws, it’s not black and white commentary and
objectivity, its stories. And I think that a lot of people who have very harsh world views on
anything today, it’s because they’re lacking empathy behind it. And it’s because they’re lacking
a story behind it. And so if you really want to make big impacts in the world, we have to share
more stories. And when we talk about what the hell is wrong with the world today, it really, in
my opinion, is because we are having a lack of representation and women’s views in the world,
it’s because we’re not confident enough to share our stories. And so that’s what we want to
change. And that’s, in my mind, one of the biggest reasons why women should start a podcast.
Okay, let’s talk about that. Why, if you were to break it down, number one reason why a woman
should start a podcast, go?

Wendy Guth 06:07
Well, because we have something to say. I think about it, and I’ve joked about this, that if I
wasn’t doing this podcast, I would have done a podcast on my love of professional football. I
would be interviewing football players, because this has been a passion of mine since I was 12
years old. Because I’m old, that was a long time ago.

Or I would do a podcast on another passion. I love Hallmark movies, I would happily do reviews of Hallmark movies all the time,
because I do them in my head, do them in my head.

I think we have fortunately found a happy
balance about talking, with our podcast, of how do you take purpose, passion, and also
incorporate the ability to earn a profit. And I think that that’s an absolutely amazing
opportunity. So why do a podcast? Because it opens the door to a world that you may never
have known existed. We’ve talked about it adding the accelerant to the fire that already exists
in terms of expanding your world. And I think that it builds community, for God’s sake. And you
can never and going back to what you said about the ability to share your story is so important.
And especially I think as female entrepreneurs, we have stories to tell. What we do, probably
someone else also does. What makes us unique, authentic, real, is what we personally bring to
it. And we have the ability to speak our voice and share our stories. No two people have the
same stories. No two people walk in the same shoes. And being able to share in that way, I
think is so incredibly important. I agree. And it’s empowering. And representation matters. It’s
empowering for yourself, because as you do it, you know for as we have done it, we have
gained confidence, we have been able to open doors that were not open to us prior to. We have
been able to figure things out along the way but likewise, I believe that our podcast
demonstrates what is possible for other women. And by nature of that has encouraged other
people to start their podcast, to share their voices, to share their world worldviews, and it helps
amplify that. And you said it before a podcast is a low barrier to entry. But there are like things
that you have to figure out along the way. There’s research, there’s tech, there’s other things
and aspects that can go to with it. You guys, it’s so empowering and so confidence building to
be able to put something like this together and then put it out into the world. I remember the
excitement I felt when we launched our first episode. And just how gratifying that felt that not
only did we do it, we did it well. And when I listened to the playback, I’m like, wow, we actually
sounded really good. And it’s more like if they can do it so can I. I think that people think that
podcasters are people who do these things operate like up on a pedestal. And we don’t at all.
It’s just that we took the first step, we just showed up. Exactly. I would love to challenge us. Oh,
I just had this thought I want to help 1000 female entrepreneurs to launch their podcast.

Krystal Eicher 09:46
I will join you with that mission.

Wendy Guth 09:47
I think it’s so important. And I was reading something really interesting earlier today about how
influencers, social media influencers, are predominantly female and how they earn actually
more than their male counterparts as influencers. Well, I challenge that a podcaster is even
more of an influencer because it’s not just selling in a lot of cases, your physical wrapping,
rather what’s in your head? And what’s in your heart? And in no way am I dissing influencers on
social media because that’s not really, I’m just saying that if that can be such a predominantly
female area, then why not podcasting? I think that there’s a vulnerability in that. I think that’s
what the world needs. I can’t even I can’t say that enough. That’s what the world needs.

Krystal Eicher 10:50



Krystal Eicher 10:50
I agree, and the opportunity for growth is limitless, because only a third of podcasts are hosted
by women currently.

Wendy Guth 10:58
And women want to hear from other women. We do. We want to know what experiences other
women have. And we want to hear their stories. And it’s so important for us to share. I want to
challenge all of our listeners to show especially that we have not hit our prime anywhere close
to it, we have not hit our prime. And frankly, I don’t expect to hit my prime. until probably
they’re about ready to roll me into the ground.

Krystal Eicher 11:30
Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’m just getting started.

Wendy Guth 11:32
Exactly, exactly. God I was I haven’t been this pissed in a while. And the more I sit on it, the
more pissed I get, be sure to download our guide, we have a guide, and we will make sure that
the link is in the show notes. Mind blowingly.

Krystal Eicher 11:49
Link is in the show notes. And if you guys have any questions about launching your podcast, be
sure to shoot us a DM, grab the guide. It’s Purposeful Podcasting. So it’s your guide to
purposeful podcasting. So all of the things that tend to hold women back, what should I talk
about? We’ve got we have a list of over 100 ideas on what to podcast about. What tech is
involved, we list all that out for you too. Where should I go to launch my podcast, all of that is
listed in there as well. This is your guide, because again, we just want more women voices out
in the world. So and if you’d like more information, shoot us a DM, shoot us an email, and we
will get back to you because we feel very, very strongly about just this. Mind blowingly strongly
about this. A podcast gives you the ability to unleash your voice, to put your story out in the
world and therefore make room for other people. It is what I told Wendy today I said all I really
want to do is take my flag in the ground and not let anybody take this little plot of land away
from me. And I do that through my podcasts. I do that through sharing my voice here. And it is
incredibly empowering. And I’m not likely to let it go anytime soon.

Wendy Guth 13:02
That’s exactly the way it needs to be, absolutely the way it needs to be. It is time for women to
embrace that we have opinions, that we have thoughts, we have a voice and we need to share
it if Thank you for listening.






Krystal Eicher 13:23
Until next time.

Wendy Guth 13:26

Why Start A Podcast
Entrepreneur Life, Podcast

Why Start A Podcast

Why Start A Podcast

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for very long, you know the power of getting your name out and the golden rule of building know, like, trust with your audience.

Can we let you in on a little secret though? 

You can build know, like, and trust on social media.

You can build know, like, and trust with blogging.

But … did you know you can build know, like and trust AND catapult it at warp speed via content like a podcast?

Today’s conversation is quite meta. We’re talking about how to grow your audience faster with a podcast, on a podcast. 

A podcast is an amazing way to start your business or even to figure out what your business should be. It’s also a list building tool that helps you grow your reach and it helps give you brand recognition.

But the actual beauty of doing a podcast is, you are figuring things out as you go along. In this episode, we breakdown:

  • Why we created our podcasts
  • How empowering it is
  • Why you should start one
  • And how you already have what it takes

Now you ask, why would I start a podcast?

A better question is, why not?!

If you have a purpose that you want to bring to light, or something that you love to teach and share, one of the BEST ways to do this is via a podcast.

Have a listen, then hit reply and let us know what your podcast is going to be about.

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Taking on Recession as an Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur Life, Podcast

Ep 9 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – The “R” Word: Recession

In this Bonus Episode of the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast, we are taking on the dreaded “R” Word: Recession.

Should you be worried about a recession? How can you insulate your business?

We tackle these questions head-on in this special episode. What can an entrepreneur do to prepare themselves for a recession?

We believe that these are tips and tactics that entrepreneurs can use at any time, not just now. It’s about being laser-focused and intentional about your business and your mission and not letting the external noise of economics steer your ship.

Should you be worried about a pending recession?

The short answer is that it’s important to be a savvy business owner, no matter what the economic times are. At the end of the day you need a few things: a solid offer, a solid runway, and a solid message. If you can combine these three things, then we believe you can weather any economic storm.

So what can an entrepreneur do during these times?

Stay up to date on industry education and certifications

The world of online business is forever changing at a breakneck pace. Investing in coaching or certification programs that help you level up and stay up to date on changes really is key.

But we encourage entrepreneurs to not just invest anywhere. Courses that are vague and leave you with more questions than answered should be avoided. Certifications or courses that leave you with solid “ahas” or an extra boost of credibility upon completion are always good investments. Likewise, coaching that helps to push you beyond your comfort zone and gives you clarity can often be a better investment than a course that you will probably never complete anyway.

Take a good hard look at your expenses.

Again – this is a smart thing to do no matter what the economic climate is doing. Take a look at recurring expenses and subscriptions and really ask yourself – is this moving the needle? Was this a tactic that I just thought I needed? Am I actually using this tool?

Finally, ask if now is  good time to pivot.

Now may be exactly the time to make a pivot in your business. It’s a perfect opportunity to take stock on your purpose and values and ask yourself if you find yourself in alignment with what you are doing. If the answer is “No” now may be the time to lean into some certifications or programs that allow you to make some shifts in your business.

No matter where you find yourself, remember this – economic climates are only seasons. If you are a smart business owner you are learning to navigate the storm rather than ignore or steer away from it.

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*Offer Cure – do you have a solid business offer?

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Looking to beef up your business skills or other soft skills?

Coursera – Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies.

Udemy – Wide range of technical courses to uplevel your skills

*In addition to personally taking these courses and participating in these programs, we are proud affiliates as well.

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Ep. 8 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – We Signed Up For A Half Marathon!

Yep – you read that right! We signed up for a half marathon!

Why? And what does it have to do with entrepreneurship? Everything!

Are we crazy? Maybe – but no more so than any other entrepreneur!

In this episode we talk about the importance of setting a lofty, hard goal and the incremental steps we are taking to get there.

Signing up to run a marathon is a lot like signing up to be an entrepreneur! You need motivation to get to where you want to go!

We signed up to run the Half-Marathon Race at Disney World in January 2023.

Running an endurance race was high on each of our bucket lists. So why the heck to people do this in the first place?

Each of us have a different answer.

For Krystal, running this felt like a crazy thing to take on. Upon signing up she couldn’t even run a full mile straight (and training in the Texas heat is kicking her a$$).

So why, indeed…

Krystal’s family motto for years has been “We can do hard things.” And for her she wanted to do something hard and challenging and that was a self-inflicted challenge. These last few years there have been a lot of hard things both personally and professionally that she has had to endure:

  • The dissolution of a partnership
  • Ups and downs with a special needs child
  • Still enduring a never ending pandemic

For this she just needed something that was her choice, a challenge that pushed her that she had control over. So she went for it and just asked:

What is the worst that could happen?

There are very few negative consequences to this. We get to cross something off our list, enjoy a fun weekend with friends at Disney World, push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, and accomplish something really difficult.

For Wendy it was a little different. She rows half marathons on a regular basis, so besides peer pressure, she had other motivating factors.

She wanted to push her body, but also can ignore the attraction that running around Disney in a cute pink tutu really has.

But at the end of the day, Wendy is in love with the process. The motivation of training for an endurance event. She finds it exhilarating and fun.

Being a goal driven entrepreneur, having milestones and something to strive towards is incredibly motivating.

When it comes to training there are a lot of parallels to setting goals to run a marathon and being one entrepreneur:

You have to honor the season of life that you are in.

Our training schedules are very different. Wendy works out early in the morning, and Krystal opts for late at night. The big difference? Krystal has small children and Wendy’s kids are older. The age of your kids and the season you find yourself in really effects how you show up in entrepreneurship, and in training.

You have to schedule your priorities.

For both of us, if it isn’t in the calendar, it simply does not get done. You have to set the calendar and set up your priorities for work or training ahead of time. Otherwise it simply will not get done.

You need to incorporate hard things and self care into your routine.

Whether it’s an endurance race or entrepreneurship, you need to set goals that push you beyond what you think your limits are. You need to work incrementally to get there, and you need to build in self care and rest along the way. And we cannot stress enough the importance of incorporating physical activity into your self care routine.

Mindset Matters.

You have to set goals. You have to train to meet the goals. You have to do it if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Or even on days you don’t feel like it. That’s where you build resilience. That’s where you get the grit to keep going. Even when it sucks.

What you do today, matters significantly tomorrow.

Neither of us can wake up today and run a marathon. We have to do small things each day between now and race day to prepare. The same goes for your business. The small things you do today, pays off in dividends down the road, if you are intentional and strategic enough.

Have you set any lofty goals? Share them with us in our Facebook Group – Rebel On The Go!


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Ep. 7 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – When Should You Get Political?

It’s hard to ignore the tumultuous political landscape that we seem to live in today. Whether it is Black Lives Matter, stances on abortion, climate change, January 6 or anything in between, a lot of business owners are wondering when and how to speak up and take a stance.

So Wendy and Krystal attempt to tackle this complicated question as it pertains to entrepreneurs.

When should an entrepreneur get political and speak out publicly about the controversial events of today?

At the end of the day, as an entrepreneur you are your brand. No matter where you stand on a variety of issues, you need to drill into what your core values are as a brand.

When it comes to should you, or shouldn’t you, do what feels good to you.

No matter what you do, there will be consequences. Your silence can always be interpreted, whether you like it or not. But wouldn’t you rather give people the option to self select out of the process before they become a paid client? Wouldn’t you rather work with people that have aligned values?

Overwhelmingly, our answer is YES! We want to work with clients who are in alignment with us and our values. We don’t want to work with people that we wouldn’t want to have a drink with them.

Will you alienate people? Yes. Will you offend someone? Maybe.

And good riddance.

The goal of any solid marketing strategy is not to attract every client – we want to attract ideal clients. And believe us – you can feel the difference!

It’s hard to work with someone or for someone if you don’t like them. Can we disagree politically? Yes. Can we disagree about core human rights? Nope.

And that’s the difference.

Our beliefs and values are what distinguish us from the next guy. One of the perks of entrepreneurship is that you get to choose. Don’t be afraid to make your choice.



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Ep. 3 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Is There Such Thing As Balance?

As an entrepreneur everyone wants to espouse the importance of balance. But is achieving balance even obtainable?

From claims to a 4 hour work week to “I make 6 figures and only work 20 years a week,” there is a lot in the industry sold as achievable and possible, but we want to challenge that idea.

Can you work only 20 hours and make 6 figures – maybe? On year 7 or with a team of people working for you….but right out of the gate – yeah – probably not.

Setting realistic expectations about your business and your priorities is essential about how you feel balanced in you life and your business. In this episode we dive into those ideas.

As two working moms, we really feel the pinch of feeling unbalanced as working moms, mompreneurs, and females in this space.


A majority of the family responsibilities of housework, parenting, childcare, etc. often fall disproportionately on the shoulders of women.

In fact one of the reasons many women enter in the entrepreneurial space is to have more freedom and flexibility to take care of their children. But that often becomes a double edge sword.

Now that our schedules are more flexible, we are even more predisposed to have to take kids to appointments, take off when kids are sick, or take the calls needed for kids from school, etc because our spouses are working a more traditional 9 to 5.

The flexibility ends up biting some of us in the ass.

That’s why when we hear things like “work just a few hours a week and make 6 figures” and “let’s work a 4 hour workweek” really chap our ass. It’s the snake oil that lures a lot of women into the online business space, but when the rubber meets the road you start to feel more off balance than ever as the roles and responsibilities of motherhood and wife do not let up as you take on the role of entrepreneur.

It sets up unrealistic expectations about what it means to be an entrepreneur. The fact is that most entrepreneurs are not instantly profitable in their first year of business. It takes a lot of hustle in the early days to get a business off the ground. Likely, you will work at least 40 hours to get your business off the ground, and will do so for little or no money.

So for many of us, you have to decide: What is your priority in this minute? Is it your family? Is it your business and career? If it’s the former (family) then you will have to accept that it will take longer for your business and career to take off. If it’s the latter (and by the way there is NO wrong answer to which you prioritize) then you will have to accept that you will have less time with your family while you nurture your career/business.

Whichever is the priority, part of balance in your life is accepting that things will never be perfectly balanced. It is about holding up the thing you prioritize a little higher without completely dropping the scale on the other side. It’s by no means 50/50. It is; however, life as us entrepreneurs know it.

Continue the conversation in our Rebel on the Go Facebook Group. If you are interesting in working with Wendy & Krystal to help figure out how to pace in your business reach out at



Ep 01 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Introducing the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast


We are so excited to introduce our brand new podcast Serendipitous Rebel. 

This is THE podcast for action minded, purpose driven, authentic, rebellious entrepreneurs – just like us. 

And just like you, we are trying to figure this shit out. Join us as we dive into all things entrepreneurship – from systems, to finding balance as an entrepreneur, dissecting our marketing and strategies and everything in between. 

We want to know more about YOU and your business. Join our FREE Facebook Group Rebel on the Go today!


Ep. 02 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Systemizing Your Business

Welcome to the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – THE podcast for adventurous, purpose driven, authentic entrepreneurs.

We are entrepreneurs just like you trying to figure shit out.

In this episode we are talking about systems.

Systems are the organized collection of subsystems that are integrated to accomplish an ultimate goal – or in other words the things we use to get shit done.

Without effective systems in place, your business will always feel frenetic. They are the foundations of your business. It’s more than just having a CRM in place. It’s how you function. It’s hard. It’s challenging. And we are talking through how we are setting things up at Serendipitous Rebel.