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Purposeful Pivoting with Kelly and Abigaile White The Serendipitous Rebel Podcast
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Purposeful Pivoting: Kelly & Abigail White

Purposeful Pivoting with Kelly & Abigail White – The Mother Daughter Journey

In this week’s episode we are thrilled to invite Kelly and Abigail White from The Mother Daughter Journey to our podcast.

Kelly and Abigail are a mother/daughter team that started as partners running a travel business. They recently pivoted to The Mother Daughter Journey – a podcast and communications program that helps mothers and daughters strengthen bonds and work through communication issues.

This mother and daughter share their story of their pivot from working in corporate America at separate jobs, to opening their own travel agency. From there they once again pivot to The Mother Daughter Journey podcast where they share their journey to a better mother-daughter relationship. Krystal discusses all of this with them and also their desire to help others achieve a better mother-daughter relationship.

One of our biggest takeaways was how to listen to your inner voice that starts to tell you “this is no longer working” and then be brave enough to do something about it.

Working as a mother daughter team is not easy, but they have found that their story has changed the way they view the importance of the mother/daughter relationship. And they hope that their story invites others to do the same.

You can listen to their podcast, The Mother Daughter Journey on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can listen to this episode on all the same channels. Enjoy!

Purposeful Pivoting with Laura Ritter
Podcast, Purposeful Pivoting

Purposeful Pivoting: Laura Ritter of Ritter Family Farm

For this weeks conversation in our purposeful pivoting series, Wendy Guth speaks with Laura Ritter of Ritter Farm in Sykesville, Maryland. Wendy and Laura discuss Laura’s pivot from school teacher to co-founder, along with her husband, of Ritter Farm, LLC. Ever wonder what it’s like to manage four children and a working farm? Don’t forget to throw in managing all of this during a pandemic. Join us and find out a little bit more about Laura and her pivot journey.

Purposeful Pivoting with Laura Ritter of Ritter Farm

Laura turned her interests in sustainable farming into a a reality when she went from school teacher to stay at home mom to now CEO of Ritter Family Farms in Howard County, Maryland.

Honey, we bought a farm!

Remember that movie?  Honey, we bought a farm?  

Well, sustainable farmer Laura Ritter did just that with the assistance of her family-run farm in the middle of Howard County, Maryland.  Former public school teacher Laura turned sustainable farmer has sat down to discuss how in times of necessity, we do what we have to do. 

This week’s episode is about putting yourself first and prioritizing the rest.  Laura Ritter of the Ritter Family Farm talks to Wendy about her most important hat – the “me” hat and why prioritizing and having a clear purpose in what you are trying to accomplish in your life.

So we pose these questions for you – what hats do you wear? Are you living a purposeful life?

 The 5 hats that Laura wears

When you are an entrepreneur you wear many hats. The 5 hats that Laura wears are:

  1. Me
  2. Mom
  3. Wife
  4. Business Partner
  5. World Citizen

Let’s talk about the “Me” Hat

What is the “me” hat? It’s remembering who you are. Specifically remembering who you are when it is just YOU.

As a female. As a mom. As an entrepreneur. We can’t think of anything more important to remember!



Purposeful Pivoting: Jen Pasquale with Pride and Grit
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Purposeful Pivoting with Jen Pasquale of Pride & Grit

Purposeful Pivoting with Jen Pasquale of Pride & Grit

Purposeful Pivoting with Jen Pasquale of Pride & Grit

Strengths Coach. Consultant. Military Spouse. Mom of Teens. Champion for Military Connected Entrepreneurs.
And that’s just a few of Jen’s diverse hats that she wears on a regular basis (as if that’s not enough!).
Jen is a self-professed accidental entrepreneur. She created Pride & Grit originally as a blog so that she could tell the stories of seasoned military spouses to give them a voice to share the wisdom and struggles of military life. Later she returned to her consulting roots working with spouses, corporations, and teens to help individuals lean into strengths to be more successful in their world.

About Jennifer Pasquale

Jen is a 16-year active duty military spouse, certified strengths coach, and the founder of Pride & Grit – a Transition Support Organization for Military Spouses. Jen is passionate about helping seasoned military spouses rediscover their identity, embrace their unique strengths, and thrive in their final season as a military family. She’s also the owner of Jen Pasquale Consulting, where she offers strengths coaching and team development workshops to small and large organizations.

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Purposeful Pivoting with Kristine Goad

Purposeful Pivoting With Kristine Goad

Is there that one thing that you have always wanted to do but are afraid to take the leap?

Did you know that you can learn from and transform your life just by conquering your fears?

Our guest Kristine Goad, owner of Surfing Your Edge Coaching, was just like (what we’re guessing) is you. She started her coaching business on a leap of faith and to conquer a fear.

In today’s episode, Kristine and Wendy talk about women who have that one thing that they want to do but shelve it because they were afraid or didn’t know where to start or just did not have the time.

For so many of us, we may not even realize it was a fear holding us back… it seems more like a distraction from something else important to us, so it’s easily justifiable, right?

As we chat about conquering fears, learning from mistakes and how perfection is not normal, think about what is the one thing that you would love to do but haven’t for one reason or another.

Spoiler alert: Wendy’s is surfing.

But we’d love to know, did something pop into your mind about this? Hit reply and let us know what it is.

About Kristine

Kristine Goad is the Surfing Your Edge Coach. She helps women over 40 break out of their “reality-sized” version of themselves so they can live the bigger, bolder, more badass life they know they were born for.

She’s also the author of the memoir Your Mileage May Vary, and the creator of the Surfing Your Edge Experience and Bigger, Bolder, Badass, a 6-month adventure to help you fall in love with life and be the you you were always meant to be.

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purposeful pivoting podcast tammy p
Podcast, Purposeful Pivoting

Purposeful Pivoting with Tammy Perreira

Purposeful Pivoting with Tammy Perreira

Let’s have a rhetorical raising of hands for if you got starry eyed when starting your entrepreneurial journey – imagining how quickly and easily you’d have success?

Even if you flinched and raised a pinky just now, know you are not alone!

One of the most irritating beliefs we’ve run into as entrepreneurs that is ever-present even today, is the idea that you can become an overnight success… and the dark flip side, you’re a failure if you don’t achieve this.

In this week’s candid interview on the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast, we talk with Tammy Pereira, Facebook Ads expert and CEO of Tammy P about this notion of overnight success and how she took her corporate skills and turned it into a business that is ever changing.

One conundrum Tammy often faces is how to define success in her own business and life, when her whole job is defining success in tangible, black and white measurable ways such as Facebook ads.

Listen hear to our discussion around: 

  • How she felt like a foreigner in another land when it came to the online space
  • How success is not instant but a journey that evolves
  • How her life shifts (pivots) to meet the next steps in her journey 
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Ep 11 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast: Purposeful Pivoting

Purposeful Pivoting

P-I-V-O-T … The entrepreneur’s 5-letter swear word.

But does it have to be?

We all know the word pivot ultimately means to change, so why does it bring up so much shame for us who are in this entrepreneurial space, when we tell others we’re pivoting?

One of the core foundations of Serendipitous Rebel is Purposeful Pivoting – but what does that even mean?

Let’s start with our definition of Purposeful Pivoting:

Connecting with what matters and taking committed action in order to make a bigger impact in the world. 

So what does that mean?

Let’s start with “Connecting with what matters”

What is your purpose? What gets you out of bed in the morning? It is the most important part of a businesses foundations, and often the most overlooked. Defining this is the first step to success. With defined purpose you can work harder, you can work longer – you have the grit and resilience needed to push through the tough times.

Next, “taking committed action”

It’s not enough to just want the thing.  You have to take actionable steps in order to get there. You have goals you want to achieve. Then you initiate systems to get there. We love the phrase committed action because it’s being very intentional with what you do and how you do it.

Finally, “make a bigger impact in the world.”

It’s not that we want a $4 million company. It’s that we want to make enough of an impact with enough people to create ripple effects in the world. And we want to work with entrepreneurs that want to make a difference in the world.

At Serendipitous Rebel we’ve had multiple pivots in a short period of time. When we found ourselves disconnected from the businesses we’d created, we had to really dig in and ask ourselves hard questions. Now we help entrepreneurs ask the same hard questions so that they, too, can become a profitable business.

Change can be reallly difficult. Believe me, WE KNOW! But sometimes that change is necessary if you want to achieve the results you’re looking for.

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