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Serendipitous Rebel Pivot Part 1

In this weeks episode Krystal and Wendy are taking you behind the scenes on their most recent pivot inside Serendipitous Rebel.

As we continue with the discussion on  purposeful pivoting we touch on “what is our personal purpose?”  This is not the same thing as your entrepreneurial purpose.  It is a hard truth as to why you are here in this space, the online space.

Is it to make a change?

Is it for money? 

Is it for your family?

We, as lifestyle entrepreneurs, want to have a certain standard of living and want to be able to do certain things and have certain goals. They are driven by wanting to feel like we are accomplishing things, that we are making contributions to our family and to our world.

In this episode we are talking about how we are leveraging our own strengths and gifts, because we don’t want to work 60 hour weeks, and we don’t necessarily want to run an empire of seven figures.

So we thought that we would ask, why are you doing this?  What is making you show up everyday?

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