Season 2 Wrap Up of Serendipitous Rebel Podcast
Podcast, Purposeful Pivoting

Season 2 Wrap Up of Serendipitous Rebel Podcast


Season 2 Wrap Up of Serendipitous Rebel Podcast

Today we wrap up Season 2 of The Serendipitous Rebel Podcast. We reflect on why we decided to do a purposeful pivoting series of interviews with some of the most incredible, amazing, unbelievable, powerful female entrepreneurs in (and out) of the online space. 


Just to recap, here are the badass women that we interviewed:


Laura Ritter –  A sustainable farmer in Maryland and owner of Ritter Family Farm 

Jen Pasquale – of Pride & Grit, a transition support organization for military families

Kristine Goad – owner of Surfing Your Edge Coaching

Tammy Pereira –  Facebook ads/marketing Guru

Irena Miller – An energy Alchemist and an intuitive business coach, and all things while actually all things intuitive. 

Mallory Schlabach –  owner of The Girlboss Agency, a marketing agency

Kelly & Abigail White – of A Mother Daughter Journey, who are actually mother and daughter


What hats do you wear? Each of these women answered this question, not only as a way to introduce themselves, but also as an insight into their pivoting stories.  They all connected to what mattered to them and took purposeful pivots to get to where they are in business today. 


We realize that all of these conversations can be continued in some capacity or another in the future; women are master pivoters; prioritizing their “hats” in many different ways.


So as you listen to the Season 2 Wrap-Up, we want to know: 


  • What 5 hats do you wear?
  • As an entrepreneur, how many things are you juggling at any given time?
  • What are you prioritizing?

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