Season 2 Trailer: Purposeful Pivoting

Welcome to Season Two of the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast

In this season we are all about Purposeful Pivoting. 

 We hope you enjoyed listening to season 1 as much as we enjoyed recording it! Our intent for this podcast is to throw open the curtain to show you how two entrepreneurs are just figuring shit out.

So how do we figure things out as a small business owner? We figure shit out through purposeful pivoting … which is what we are going to do for Season 2.

What the heck is purposeful pivoting??

Purposeful pivoting is connecting with what matters and taking committed action to make a bigger impact in your world.

We help entrepreneurs purposefully pivot into businesses that bring them success and joy.

Our vision is to inspire you, our podcast listeners, in Season 2 by sharing the entrepreneurial pivots and journeys of some incredible entrepreneurs who we will be interviewing.

The road to success in entrepreneurship is windy. It is our intention with this series to pull back the curtain on some of the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face and normalize the discussion around pivoting and change in your entrepreneurial journey. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review!

Looking for a community to support you in your pivots? Join Rebel On The Go – Our Free Facebook Group for Female Entrepreneurs pivoting.

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