Lessons for small business owners from the bourbon burn bike ride
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REPLAY Lessons For Small Business Owners From The Bourbon Burn: Breaking Free from Comfort Zones for Personal and Professional Growth


Wendy is back this week in Kentucky enjoying her second round of the Bourbon Burn. While we are on a brief hiatus enjoy this throwback from last fall where she shares her insights and lessons for small business owners learned from last years Bourbon Burn Bike Ride

Hey there! It’s Wendy Guth, and I’m so excited to share this episode of the Purposeful Podcasting with you. In this episode, my co-host Krystal Eicher and I dive deep into lessons for small business owners including the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone for personal and professional growth. We kick things off by discussing my experience at the Bourbon Country Burn biking event in Lexington, Kentucky. Even though I don’t drink bourbon, participating in this event was a bucket list experience for me. And let me tell you, the epiphanies I had were incredible. I realized that trying new things and exploring unfamiliar environments can be incredibly freeing and help you understand your own comfort zone better. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your mind!

Another eye-opening moment I had was about judgment and comparison. While biking, I encountered some avid cyclists who looked down on me for not using a traditional bike. At first, I felt the need to justify myself, but then I realized that seeking validation from others is unnecessary. This realization extends to our entrepreneurial journeys too. As entrepreneurs, we need to focus on our own goals and not constantly compare ourselves to others.

Krystal and I also talk about the value of being a lifestyle entrepreneur, where your business and personal life intertwine. We share how we’ve created a business that not only provides flexibility and freedom but also financially supports our desired lifestyle. It’s all about designing a business that aligns with your goals and aspirations. So, if you’re ready to embrace new challenges, break free from judgment, and live unapologetically according to your own dreams and goals, this episode is for you. Join us as we share our experiences and reflections from the Bourbon Country Burn, and discover the keys to personal and professional growth.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a precursor for pivoting and understanding your true potential. – Wendy Guth

As entrepreneurs, we spend so much time looking at what other people do and think that we’re not focusing on what we need to do. You do you and focus on achieving your own goals. – Krystal Eicher

Design a business that funds and fuels the experiences and adventures you want to have in life. – Wendy Guth

Lessons For Small Business Owners Covered In This Episode:

  • Unearth the importance of daring beyond your comfort zone for comprehensive growth.
  • Discover how embracing your uniqueness paves the way to liberation from societal judgement.
  • Gain insight into designing a business infrastructure that perfectly complements your dream lifestyle.
  • Recognize the role of physical activity in enhancing mental clarity, problem solving and creativity.
  • Explore the art of building relationships and cultivating shared experiences through adventurous outdoor pursuits.

This episode of Purposeful Podcasting originally aired 10/10/22. 

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