Redefining Support: How a Square Squad Can Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Redefining Support: How a Square Squad Can Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Drawing from personal experiences and anecdotes, Krystal and Wendy emphasize the value of seeking advice and support from the right people. They define a Square Squad, as defined by Brené Brown, as a group of individuals whose opinions and feedback matter to you, who challenge you to grow and provide you with honest criticism.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the significant role a Square Squad plays in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Delve into the sensitive realm of vulnerability and trust while leading an enterprise.
  • Discover the art of discerning the right allies for your Square Squad, individuals who challenge and promote growth.
  • Observe the evolution of your Square Squad’s composition as your business matures.
  • Recognize the invaluable support a Square Squad provides to solo entrepreneurs.

Importance of Square Squads for Entrepreneurs
Every entrepreneur realizes one essential truth early on: business ownership is not a solo endeavor. We need cohorts, allies, mentors, and friends who understand our journey and can offer meaningful insight. This is where a Square Squad comes into play. Yet, why exactly is having a Square Squad important? Well, having the right trustworthy confidants allows an entrepreneur to navigate their path with less uncertainty. The honest feedback and support they provide can inform crucial decisions making a significant difference in managing challenges.

Krystal Eicher and Wendy Guth emphasize how the presence of a Square Squad helped them in their entrepreneurial journey. They didn’t rely on cheerleaders but instead chose individuals who would challenge and push them. They sought out those who were further along on their business venture, individuals who could bring intelligent perspectives and contribute to their growth. Their experiences truly underline the role a Square Squad can play in making an entrepreneur more profitable and successful.

The Importance of Having a Supportive Squad
Entrepreneurship, though rewarding, can often be a lonely road. In such times, having a supportive team behind you can be a great source of comfort and inspiration. These individuals not only buoy your spirits, but they also lend their experience and expertise to aid your journey.

Krystal and Wendy highlighted the importance of a Square Squad, not just those who understand your journey but those who actively offer advice and support. By sharing personal experiences, they made it clear that having the ideal Square Squad could mean the difference between feeling overwhelmed and confidently navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. They expressed how relationships evolve and reiterated how crucial it is to be aware of who’s occupying space in your thoughts, making the Square Squad a unique asset for any entrepreneur.

Proactively Seeking Feedback
Feedback shouldn’t be viewed as a criticism of your efforts. Instead, it should be seen as a tool to accelerate growth and development. Proactively seeking feedback before major decisions or content shares can be a game-changer in the entrepreneurial journey. It gives clarity and fosters objectivity, addressing potential blind spots one might not see. Krystal and Wendy couldn’t stress enough the positive impact of proactively seeking feedback from the Square Squad. They used their confidants’ wisdom to reflect on their work before sharing it outwards, offering different perspectives which allowed them to improve the quality. The hosts’ emphasis on this proactive approach underlines the need for entrepreneurs to see feedback not as a hurdle, but an ally in their path to success.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the Dare to Lead website to learn more about Brene Brown’s publication and training program.
  • Reflect on who is in your Square Squad and consider if they meet the criteria of pushing you to be better, caring about you, and giving you honest feedback.
  • Reach out to your Square Squad and ask for their input on a specific message or content you are unsure about sharing.
  • Seek out a coach or mentor who can provide accountability and challenge you to grow as an entrepreneur.
  • Explore mastermind or co-working opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who can support and inspire you.
  • Take the time to evaluate your current Square Squad and make necessary adjustments to ensure you have the right people in your corner.
  • Embrace vulnerability and trust in order to build deeper connections and establish a strong support system within your Square Squad.
  • Use the concept of the Square Squad as a tool to filter out irrelevant or negative opinions and focus on the feedback that truly matters.
  • Consider joining online communities or forums where you can connect with other entrepreneurs and expand your Square Squad.
  • Take action and start building your Square Squad today by reaching out to individuals who align with your values and goals.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction,
The hosts introduce the concept of Square Squads and their importance in finding a community of like-minded individuals who push you to be better and provide honest feedback.

00:02:46 – Importance of Square Squads for Entrepreneurs,
The hosts discuss how Square Squads are particularly crucial for entrepreneurs who often work in an arena that is not well understood by outsiders. They emphasize the need for feedback and support from a trusted group of individuals.

00:05:32 – Vulnerability and Judgment,
The hosts explore the vulnerability that comes with being an entrepreneur, as well as the fear of judgment from others. They highlight the importance of relying on the opinions of the Square Squad and disregarding those who are not part of it.

00:08:05 – Sharing Personal Stories,
The hosts encourage entrepreneurs to share their personal stories despite the fear of judgment. They suggest using the Square Squad as a guide to determine whether or not to share certain messages or content.

00:10:14 – Proactively Seeking Feedback,
The hosts discuss the idea of proactively seeking feedback from the Square Squad before making important decisions or sharing content. They emphasize the role of the Square Squad in challenging and pushing entrepreneurs to improve.

00:13:41 – The Importance of Having a Supportive Squad,
The hosts emphasize the importance of having a supportive squad of individuals who are smarter and further ahead in the entrepreneurial journey. They discuss how the Square Squad helps entrepreneurs become better

00:16:26 – Importance of Valuing Relevant Opinions,
It’s important to seek advice from people whose opinions are relevant and valuable to the topic or issue at hand, just like seeking financial advice from someone who is financially stable. Great Aunt Sally’s opinions on marriage and kids may not be relevant, similarly in entrepreneurship.

00:17:31 – Seeking Help from Fellow Entrepreneurs,
Apart from coaching and masterminding, entrepreneurs can seek help from online groups and social media platforms to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and get their opinions and advice.

00:18:16 – Appropriate Audience for Personal Matters,
It’s important to understand and know the appropriate audience for personal matters. While spouses may be confidants in most areas, there may be certain topics that are better discussed with a different group, like fellow entrepreneurs.

00:19:19 – Balancing Connection and Vulnerability,
Balancing caring about what people think and being defined by it is crucial for maintaining connections and being vulnerable. Having the right people in our circle allows us to be vulnerable and accept their advice, even though it can be challenging at times.

00:20:01 – Homework: Evaluating Your Square Squad,
The hosts encourage the listeners to evaluate their “square squad” and write down whose opinions matter in different areas of their lives. Keeping this perspective helps in making informed decisions and valuing the right opinions.

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