How We Define a Business Bootcamp for our Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp
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“Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp: Co-Working for Profit”

“Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp: Co-working for Profit”

When you hear the word “bootcamp,” do you immediately think of burpies, sweat and someone yelling to “drop and give me 20?”

We’ve found over the years that there are several words in the online space that rub people the wrong way like: mastermind, workshop, intensive, and bootcamp.

When we launched our Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp, a member told us that she did not like the word “bootcamp.”  So we wanted to demystify the word and let you know how we use it.

Here at Serendipitous Rebel, when we say “Bootcamp,” we’re talking about, by definition, the route to help people become better at something quickly. It is a short-spanned and fast paced process that ends in a result.

And for us, it is a podcast.

Our whole goal is to help women launch podcasts.

We want to help women lean into their purpose and share both it and their passions with the world.

Contrary to what you might think, we didn’t land on the term “bootcamp” because we are military wives, but because we felt it described a dual relationship. It was a give and take from both the participants and us working in tandem to get to an end goal.

Because of this choice in word, bootcamp made us intentional about how we structured the Purposeful Podcasting Bootcamp from

  • The length of time of the bootcamp
  • The agenda designed to encourage forward momentum and not be overwhelming
  • The Extra Q&A calls
  • The built-in Tech support
  • And so much more

All of these decisions help us work with you in tandem toward a common goal – your Podcast.

So listen to this week’s episode and then spill the tea and tell us, what is that one buzzword that you don’t like that everyone is using right now and why?


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