Purposeful Pivoting with Wendy Guth
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Purposeful Pivoting: Wendy Guth

Purposeful Pivoting with Wendy Guth

Kicking off our Purposeful Pivoting Interview series, Krystal is putting the spotlight on Wendy, as our first interviewee. In this episode we ask Wendy about her Pivoting Journey, what she learned, how she made the decision. Krystal interviews Wendy Guth on the path that led her from travel agent to business coach.

Wendy started her journey in entrepreneurship after she was laid off in 2016. She started a business as a travel advisor, and was well on her way when the pandemic forced her to make a pivot in 2020. From there she made the decision to become a certified business coach, and she hasn’t looked back. Listen to todays episode to learn more about Wendy and her path to success.

The road to success in entrepreneurship is windy. It is our intention with this series to pull back the curtain on some of the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face and normalize the discussion around pivoting and change in your entrepreneurial journey.


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