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Purposeful Pivoting: Laura Ritter of Ritter Family Farm

For this weeks conversation in our purposeful pivoting series, Wendy Guth speaks with Laura Ritter of Ritter Farm in Sykesville, Maryland. Wendy and Laura discuss Laura’s pivot from school teacher to co-founder, along with her husband, of Ritter Farm, LLC. Ever wonder what it’s like to manage four children and a working farm? Don’t forget to throw in managing all of this during a pandemic. Join us and find out a little bit more about Laura and her pivot journey.

Purposeful Pivoting with Laura Ritter of Ritter Farm

Laura turned her interests in sustainable farming into a a reality when she went from school teacher to stay at home mom to now CEO of Ritter Family Farms in Howard County, Maryland.

Honey, we bought a farm!

Remember that movie?  Honey, we bought a farm?  

Well, sustainable farmer Laura Ritter did just that with the assistance of her family-run farm in the middle of Howard County, Maryland.  Former public school teacher Laura turned sustainable farmer has sat down to discuss how in times of necessity, we do what we have to do. 

This week’s episode is about putting yourself first and prioritizing the rest.  Laura Ritter of the Ritter Family Farm talks to Wendy about her most important hat – the “me” hat and why prioritizing and having a clear purpose in what you are trying to accomplish in your life.

So we pose these questions for you – what hats do you wear? Are you living a purposeful life?

 The 5 hats that Laura wears

When you are an entrepreneur you wear many hats. The 5 hats that Laura wears are:

  1. Me
  2. Mom
  3. Wife
  4. Business Partner
  5. World Citizen

Let’s talk about the “Me” Hat

What is the “me” hat? It’s remembering who you are. Specifically remembering who you are when it is just YOU.

As a female. As a mom. As an entrepreneur. We can’t think of anything more important to remember!



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