Purposeful Podcasting: Why Are You In Business? How to prioritize purpose as an entrepreneur
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Prioritizing Purpose: Why Aligning Personal and Professional Goals Matter As An Entrepreneur

If you’re feeling frustrated and unfulfilled despite achieving success in your business, then you are not alone!

Perhaps you’re working long hours, sacrificing personal time, and neglecting your values and priorities. Maybe you’re not seeing the impact you want to make on the world, or you’re lacking a clear sense of purpose beyond financial gain.

It’s time to align your business goals with your personal purpose, so you can achieve success that truly resonates with you. By defining your values, passions, and strengths, you can create a purpose-driven strategy that inspires you, attracts like-minded clients, and makes a positive impact on society.

As coaches who have worked with many entrepreneurs to help them with their businesses, we understand the power of aligning business goals with personal purpose as an entrepreneur. That’s why we were so excited to record the latest episode of Purposeful Podcasting, where we discuss exactly that. We delve into the importance of understanding one’s purpose before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, and how not aligning one’s objectives and goals can lead to a business out of sync with values and priorities.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how aligning your business objectives with personal purpose fuels entrepreneurial success.
  • Learn the imperative nature of prioritizing purpose as an entrepreneur when crafting your business plan.
  • Find out realistic approaches to managing priorities for long-lasting entrepreneurial growth.
  • Unveil the pitfalls of mismanaged expectations in the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Embrace conscious decision-making for a purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey.

The Importance of Purpose

In a world of distractions and constant change, having a clear purpose helps you stay focused on what truly matters. Being in tune with your purpose can increase your level of engagement, resilience, and satisfaction in life. For entrepreneurs, this not only means creating a business that generates income and impact but also staying true to their values and priorities. Krystal Eicher and Wendy Guth invite their listeners to engage in a reflective exercise, considering whether their business aligns with their purpose. They emphasize the importance of recognizing when you are out of alignment and taking proactive steps to refocus on your core purpose and priorities. By keeping purpose at the forefront of their decision-making, entrepreneurs can build a more fulfilling and successful business that resonates with their values and aspirations.

Defining Purpose

Defining your purpose involves identifying your core values, strengths, interests, passions, and understanding what your potential clients want. To do this, it’s essential to dig deep and reflect on the things that truly matter to you and help set the foundation for your entrepreneurial journey. Knowing your purpose will enable you to navigate challenges, stay focused on your goals, and make more informed decisions. During the episode, Wendy Guth emphasizes the importance of soul searching to understand one’s priorities and central aims in life. Krystal Eicher suggests that many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of focusing solely on actions and resources when starting a business, failing to consider the deeper questions about why they are in business and what motivates them. By gaining clarity on their purpose, entrepreneurs can build a business that aligns closely with their values and aspirations.

Why Purpose Matters in Business

When it comes to business success, understanding your purpose is essential. Purpose provides direction, motivates you and your team, and helps you make better decisions. Moreover, having a clear purpose can lead to greater customer loyalty and employee satisfaction, outwardly reflecting the values that underpin your business. Ultimately, businesses driven by a sense of purpose are more likely to flourish and stand out among the competition. In the podcast, Krystal Eicher and Wendy Guth share their experiences with Serendipitous Rebel, explaining how their purpose led them to create a business model that reflected their values and priorities. By identifying their “why” and aligning it with their business goals, they have been able to strike a healthy balance between professional and personal lives, providing valuable insight for fellow entrepreneurs.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Reflect on your purpose and central self-organizing life aim.
  • Consider your values, strengths, passions, and what matters most to you.
  • Identify your priorities and main focus in this season of life.
  • Set realistic expectations for your business and its growth.
  • Determine if your business is in alignment with your purpose and priorities.
  • Trade resources for time if family is your priority.
  • Block off time for activities that are important to you, like exercising.
  • Remind yourself of your purpose during difficult or uncertain times to alleviate guilt.
  • Have open conversations with your business partner to manage expectations.
Take action by signing up for Purposeful Podcasting Boot Camp or Purposeful Pivoting coaching to help align your business with your purpose.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Why Purpose Matters in Business,
The hosts discuss the importance of identifying your purpose before starting a business. They emphasize that without a clear purpose, entrepreneurs risk creating a business that is out of alignment with their values.

00:03:19 – Defining Purpose,
The hosts define purpose as “your central self-organizing life aim.” They explain that purpose is about reflecting on what matters most to you and what you are passionate about.

00:08:07 – Prioritizing Purpose and Family,
The hosts discuss the challenges of balancing entrepreneurship and family life. They emphasize the importance of setting priorities and being realistic about the time and resources required to achieve your goals.

00:11:03 – Building a Business in Alignment with Purpose,
The hosts discuss the importance of building a business that is in alignment with your purpose. They emphasize that prioritizing purpose can alleviate guilt and provide a solid foundation for difficult or uncertain times.

00:14:30 – The Importance of Purpose,
The hosts conclude the episode by emphasizing the importance of purpose in entrepreneurship. They explain that purpose gives you something to lean on and helps you make decisions that are in alignment with your values.

00:16:11 – The Definition of Success,
The hosts discuss the guilt that many entrepreneurs feel when their priorities shift away from their business towards their personal lives. They argue that the traditional definition of success in America does not always apply to entrepreneurship, and that a different approach is necessary to balance personal and professional goals.

00:17:32 – Priorities at Home,
The hosts emphasize the importance of having realistic conversations with your spouse or loved ones about the role of your business in your household’s income. They argue that understanding your priorities at home is crucial to avoiding burnout, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness.

00:18:55 – Conscious Choices,
The hosts discuss the importance of consciously choosing a business model that aligns with your personal priorities and values. They emphasize the importance of bringing in outside help, and of creating an ecosystem that supports your personal goals rather than just your financial ones.

00:20:15 – Season Four Preview,
The hosts preview some of the topics they plan to explore in season four, including the difference between hobbyists and professionals, and the different business models that exist. They also ask listeners to share why they are in business, and how their business supports their personal purpose.

00:21:49 – Signs of Misalignment,
The hosts discuss the signs that you may be out of alignment in your business, including feelings of resentment, unhappiness, and procrastination. They emphasize the importance of being aware of these signs, and of taking action to realign your business with your


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