Lessons from the Barbie Movie: Empowering Midlife Women to Savour Life & Pursue Dreams
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Lessons from the Barbie Movie: Empowering Midlife Women to Savour Life & Pursue Dreams


Did anyone really think they’d be getting life lessons from the Barbie Movie?

Yeah…we didn’t either. 

It began as a simple girls’ night out, an escape from the grind of our own masterminding. We decided to take a break, to press pause on our hectic lives, and indulge in some light-hearted cinematic entertainment – the Barbie Movie. At the surface, it was a fun, campy flick, but beneath that, it echoed the struggles we were grappling with daily. It was as though Barbie was mirroring our lives, dealing with midlife crisis, societal pressures, perfectionism, and the delicate balancing act of motherhood and entrepreneurship. The lessons from Barbie were starting to bubble up right then and there! The movie showcased Barbie, an epitome of perfection, battling her own insecurities and fears, and a midlife crisis that shook her to her core. It was a stark reminder that even the most seemingly perfect individuals have their own battles to fight. As mother-entrepreneurs, the struggles Barbie faced were all too familiar. We left the cinema not just entertained, but empowered, ready to embrace our imperfections, and to once again, dream big.

Key take aways from this episode were:

  • Explore the critical relevance of adopting change and going beyond your comfort zone.
  • What it means to tackle midlife.
  • Understand the delicate act of balancing societal norms alongside personal identity as a woman business owner.
  • Discover the art of chasing ambitions while also gracefully traversing the various roles of motherhood and societal expectations.
  • Uncover the profound importance of authenticity and acceptance for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • Unravel the potential of the Savour model in achieving your dreams and realizing contentment.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – The Importance of Dreaming Big,
Female entrepreneurs sometimes lose sight of their ability to dream and be creative due to societal expectations. It’s important for women to break free from these constraints and continue dreaming big throughout their lives.

00:03:20 – Finding Levity and Joy in Life,
Taking time for rest, joy, and fun is essential for maintaining creativity and motivation as an entrepreneur. The Barbie movie provided a much-needed break during a Masterminding session and reminded the hosts of the importance of infusing their lives with levity.

00:06:06 – Barbie’s Midlife Crisis,
The Barbie movie explores the concept of midlife crisis and the unraveling that comes with it. It highlights the pressure women face to live up to unrealistic expectations and the need to shed their armor and embrace their true selves.

00:10:00 – The Balancing Act of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship,
The movie’s quote about mothers standing still so their daughters can see how far they’ve come resonates with working moms. It delves into the challenges of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship while still aspiring to be role models for their children.

00:13:27 – Advocating for Beliefs and Prioritizing,
The hosts discuss the importance of advocating for their beliefs and embracing their multiple roles as entrepreneurs and mothers. They highlight the ability to micro-prioritize and navigate the challenges of being present in different areas of life.

00:17:20 – Stepping out of the Comfort Zone,
The hosts discuss the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones to share our messages and achieve our goals. They also touch on the conflicting expectations society places on women’s appearance and the internal struggle it creates.

00:18:59 – Dreaming and Aspiring,
The hosts encourage listeners to dream big and pursue their aspirations, whether it’s becoming the president or an Olympic athlete. They emphasize that it’s never too late to explore new opportunities and define what we want in life.

00:20:29 – The Power of Self-Knowledge,
They discuss the importance of self-awareness and understanding who we are before we can effectively interact with others and seize opportunities. They also highlight the wide range of entrepreneurial possibilities available to women in different stages of life.

00:21:46 – Savoring Your Life,
The hosts introduce the concept of Savouring life and how it became integral to their work. They discuss stepping out of comfort zones, aligning passions, owning connections, practicing self-care, and ritualizing gratitude and celebration as essential aspects of savoring life.

00:24:01 – Embracing Change,
They reflect on the fear and discomfort that comes with making life changes, but emphasize the importance of leaning into the unknown and forging forward. They encourage listeners to have confidence in themselves and take the necessary steps to create a fulfilling life.

Exploring the Relevance of Change
Changes are an integral part of life and often act as catalysts for growth and new possibilities. By embracing change, we allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and enhance our personal and professional lives. However, navigating change can be a daunting task, especially when it challenges established societal norms and personal expectations.

Understanding Balancing Societal Norms
The pressure to conform to societal norms can be immense, particularly for women who juggle multiple roles as entrepreneurs and mothers. While it’s crucial to acknowledge these norms, it’s equally important to strike a balance that ensures authentic self-expression. Thus, understanding and negotiating societal expectations can pave the way towards self-actualization and fulfillment.

Discovering the Art of Chasing Ambitions
Pursuing one’s dreams requires courage, perseverance, and conviction. It’s an art that involves not only establishing clear goals but also devising strategies to achieve them. As women entrepreneurs and mothers, chasing ambitions while juggling multiple responsibilities can indeed be challenging but undoubtedly rewarding, leading to increased confidence, fulfillment, and empowerment.

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