From Chaos to Clarity: Discover the Benefits of Establishing Routines
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From Chaos to Clarity: Discover the Benefits of Establishing Routines

Do you need routines? Do you find any benefit to establishing routines in your business?
Hands down we believe: YOU NEED ROUTINES. 

Unleash your potential and break free from the chaos as Krystal and Wendy reveal the transformative power of structured routines, providing the key to productivity, clarity, and freedom in your busy professional life.

In this episode of Purposeful Podcasting, Krystal Eicher and Wendy Guth discuss the importance of establishing habits and routines for stability and productivity in life and business. They both admit to feeling discombobulated and out of balance during the summer months when their children’s schedules become unpredictable. However, they recognize the need for routines to bring back structure and focus.

Krystal and Wendy highlight the power of routines in reducing decision fatigue and freeing up mental energy for more important tasks. They share their own routines, such as exercising in the morning and engaging in a daily Voxer conversation, as examples of how habits can provide clarity and focus in the day. The hosts emphasize that routines don’t have to be overly rigid or time-blocked, but rather a predictable order of actions that set the right mindset and allow for creativity and productivity. They discuss the idea that habits define who we are and shape the person we become.

Krystal and Wendy also delve into the importance of intentional habits and routines that align with personal goals and values. They encourage listeners to find a routine that works for them, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone. The hosts share their own routines, such as recording podcasts on Wednesdays and meeting with clients on Thursdays, as examples of how routines can provide a sense of freedom and clarity.

They also discuss the Pomodoro method, a helpful productivity tool within a routine. By establishing habits and routines, individuals can reduce decision fatigue, free up mental energy, and create a sense of clarity and focus. Krystal and Wendy encourage listeners to be intentional about their routines and to find ones that work for their personal and professional lives. Routines are not about being overly scheduled or restrictive, but rather about providing stability and productivity in a world that can often feel chaotic. This episode offers valuable insights and practical tips for busy professionals seeking to bring stability and productivity to their lives.


For me, the great thing about routines or those habits is that when they’re automatic, it removes the decision fatigue of having to next. – Wendy Guth

Routine is something as simple as just doing something in a predictable order that tells your mind, hey, this is the next thing that we’re doing. And it just gets you right in that right headspace and that right mindset to tackle whatever it is that you need to do. – Krystal Eicher

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the crucial role routines and habits play in bolstering productivity and bestowing structure.
  • Uncover how adopting routines and habits can alleviate decision fatigue and liberate your mental stamina.
  • Realize how habits act as the catalyst for ushering in positive transformations and advancements.
  • Learn to craft a routine specifically tailored to your unique preferences and style of functioning.
  • Experience the liberation and lucidity that comes bundled with fostering habits and routines.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – The Importance of Routines,

00:03:43 – Routines as Stepping Stones,

00:07:04 – Removing Decision Fatigue,

00:09:22 – Micro Habits Challenge,

00:11:04 – The Power of Voxer Communication,

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