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Ep. 12 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast: Coaching VS Consulting

Is there a difference between coaching and consulting?

YES – and it’s a big one. In this episode, we dig into the key differences between the two.

Have you noticed the latest phenomenon happening in the online space these days?

A lot of people in the online space are using the words coach and consultant interchangeably…. And we’re just gonna come right out and say it.

We. Don’t. Like. It. 

Why? Mostly because it’s misleading and disingenuous.

So what’s the difference between a consultant and a coach? And which one do I really need?

We get this question a lot so we recorded a short episode to clear up some common misconceptions.

This week on our podcast we’re talking about the difference between coaches and consultants and why it makes a big difference to you.

If you’re thinking about hiring a coach or consultant in your personal life or your business, we have some great tips that will help you make a more informed decision on hiring the right person for you.

You can listen to the episode at https://serendipitousrebelpodcast.comand then hop on over to continue this hot topic with us inside our Facebook Group: Rebel on the Go.

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