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Defining Purpose In Your Business: Insight From The Serendipitous Rebels

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in search of a clear sense of purpose and guidance to thrive in your business and life journey? Wondering how you can align your goals and establish a solid foundation for both success and personal fulfillment? Look no further! At Serendipitous Rebel we help you gain absolute clarity on your purpose, harmonize your objectives, and lay the groundwork for achieving extraordinary results in your business and life. You’re just moments away from discovering the keys to unlocking your true potential and realizing the ultimate level of fulfillment and achievement you’ve always dreamed of.

In this episode of Purposeful Podcasting, the hosts, Krystal Eicher and Wendy Guth, dive into a conversation about their journey as entrepreneurs and the importance of finding purpose in their work. It’s an insightful and relatable discussion that offers valuable insights into self-discovery, aligning goals and values, and building a strong foundation for success. Wendy shares her own love for learning and how it led her to develop her coaching model, Savour™, which focuses on savoring life and prioritizing foundational pieces in business. She emphasizes the significance of seeking outside perspectives, continuous learning and growth, and creating a supportive community. It’s a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for purpose and guidance in their business and life journey. So grab your headphones and get ready to gain clarity on your purpose and build a strong foundation for success!

The Creation of Serendipitous Rebel

The conception of a unique coaching model, like Savour™, is a testament to the potency that lies at the intersection of continuous learning and intuition. To Savour, not just endure, life is a lesson that one learns time and again. But beyond the personal domain, its resonance in a business venture cannot be underestimated. The very essence of Savour™ revolves around encouraging a direct assessment of one’s life trajectory. It’s a friendly nudge to not just passively endure but consciously savour life. It’s an invitation to face our fears and step out of our comfort zones, align our passions and take charge– your very own flagbearer on your entrepreneurial journey.

Finding Purpose and Inner Work

Podcasting and entrepreneurship often go hand in hand, paving the way for earnest dialogue and shared learnings. It’s particularly powerful when the focus spirals inwards towards contemplation of one’s life purpose and self-discovery. This is where the true seeds of success are planted—the realization of one’s heart’s desires and the alignment of these catalytic insights with one’s business venture. Wendy candidly shares her journey towards understanding her purpose—a path that ignited a transformative inner shift, once thought to be just a mindset work. You can feel Krystal’s admiration for Wendy’s reflections and how they’ve collectively found their ‘aha’ moments. Yes, it can be about business, but at its core, this podcast is indeed about a way of life.

Aligning Goals and Purpose

Alignment of personal and professional goals is akin to navigating a map to your North Star. Once goals align with a well-defined purpose, the journey, though sometimes tough, becomes an adventure you’re willing to embark on. Because it’s not just about arriving at the destination; it’s also about growing from the journey. In the heart-to-heart conversation with our hosts, Krystal speaks from experience when she discusses her and Wendy’s enlightening journey—going through the highs and lows, the moments of clarity, the periods of doubts. Wendy’s openness in sharing that she doesn’t dream of being the next Elon Musk, but rather seeking fulfillment as a lifestyle entrepreneur is both enlightening and perhaps a tad liberating. It’s a reminder about the freedom of stepping up and embracing your authentic self and goals which can be at odds with conventional markers of success.

Building a Strong Foundation

Establishing a firm foundation is the cornerstone for long-term success. It goes beyond strategies or winning tactics; it cuts through the flash to focus on essentialist principles that form the bedrock of any thriving venture. The benefit is two-fold; it fosters resilience in business whilst allowing flexibility for growth and evolution. Wendy’s insights during the conversation are invaluable in this regard. She emphasizes the unique approach they undertake at Serendipitous Rebel, championing a holistic approach to coaching, prioritizing elemental questions and personal growth before launching into marketing and business development. Their shared transformative experiences prove the efficacy of this approach, underscoring the value of a substantial foundation upon which to build one’s entrepreneurial journey.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:01 – Introduction and Background
The hosts introduce themselves and discuss their backgrounds in the travel industry and as entrepreneurs. They mention their previous work in events and meeting management and how they transitioned into the online space.

00:04:47 – Pivots and Changes
The hosts talk about their transitions and pivots in their businesses. They mention starting out as travel agents and realizing the need for a change. They discuss the challenges of being business owners and the importance of marketing and financial management.

00:11:10 – Connecting and Teaching
The hosts discuss how they connected and became friends through teaching at summits together. They mention their overlapping audiences and specialties in group travel. They also mention the awareness of something changing in the industry before the pandemic hit.

00:12:43 – Certifications and Coaching
The hosts talk about their certifications in coaching and teaching marketing. They discuss the need for sustainability in their businesses and the shift towards coaching and consulting. They mention the natural strengths they found in their respective roles.

00:17:17 – Finding Purpose and Inner Work
The conversation begins with the hosts discussing the importance of purpose and inner work in their lives. They emphasize the need to focus on personal growth and mindset, regardless of one’s entrepreneurial endeavors. They highlight the role of coaching and self-reflection in discovering one’s true desires.

00:18:03 – Aligning Goals and Purpose
The hosts share how their individual journeys of self-discovery and coaching led them to a realization about alignment and harmony. They discuss the importance of questioning whether their actions and goals are in line with their true purpose. This reflection prompts them to make changes in their business model and pursue a more fulfilling path.

00:19:35 – Authenticity and Heart-led Entrepreneurship
The hosts express their shared realization that their previous business venture was not aligned with their hearts. They discuss their desire to be lifestyle entrepreneurs and create a community and thought leadership platform. They emphasize the importance of pursuing work that resonates with one’s values and brings fulfillment.

00:20:43 – The Power of Alignment
The hosts highlight the mind-blowing realization that working harder in a job that is not aligned with one’s purpose is counterproductive. They share their personal experiences of finding alignment and joy in their current endeavors, such as coaching, podcasting, and inspiring others. They emphasize the importance of aligning actions with goals and desires.

00:26:04 – Building a Strong Foundation
The hosts discuss the importance of laying a strong foundation for a

00:34:12 – The Creation of Saver
The speaker discusses how their love of learning and reading “Atomic Habits” led to the creation of Saver, an acronym for stepping out of your comfort zone, aligning your passions and interests, venturing under your own power, building your community, leaning into self-care, and ritualizing gratitude and celebration.

00:36:11 – The Importance of Savoring Life
The speaker emphasizes the importance of not just enduring life or business, but savoring it. They discuss how the foundational work of the Saver Model is crucial for creating a successful and fulfilling business.

00:37:42 – Prioritizing and Bandwidth
The speaker discusses the limitations of bandwidth and the need to prioritize tasks in both life and business. They explain that prioritizing the right tasks is essential for success and that adopting tactics without a solid foundation will not lead to desired results.

00:39:32 – Shortening the Speed Bump
The speaker talks about the role of coaches in shortening the learning curve and helping clients navigate challenges. They emphasize the importance of gaining perspective and getting outside input when too close to one’s own business.

00:41:46 – Creating a Coaching and Consulting Model
The speaker discusses how they combined their collective wisdom and previous experiences to create a coaching and consulting model at Serendipitous Rebel. They highlight the importance of providing clients with foundational pieces and a great business model to enjoy their journey towards success.

00:50:28 – How to Support the Podcast
The host encourages listeners to subscribe and leave a rating if they enjoyed the podcast. However, if they didn’t like it, they are advised to keep their opinion to themselves.

00:50:54 – Learning More About Purposeful Podcasting
Listeners are directed to the website serendipitousrevel.com to learn more about purposeful podcasting. They can also submit topics they would like to hear about through the website or by direct messaging the podcast on social media.

00:51:12 – Importance of Ratings and Submissions
The host emphasizes the importance of ratings and submissions, indicating that they help to shape the content of the podcast and ensure that it meets the interests and needs of the audience.

00:51:33 – Engaging with the Podcast
Listeners are encouraged to engage with the podcast by submitting topics and providing feedback. This engagement allows for a more interactive and tailored experience for the audience.

00:51:52 – Call to Action
The host concludes by inviting listeners to subscribe, rate, and engage with the podcast, reinforcing the importance of their involvement in shaping the future of the show.

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