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Why We Ditched Courses And Embraced Coaching To Grow Our Online Business

Why We Ditched Courses And Embraced Coaching To Grow Our Online Business

January 15, 20246 min read

If you're feeling frustrated and stuck in your business, constantly taking generic entrepreneurship courses and not seeing the momentum you desire, then you are not alone!

It can be disheartening to invest time and money into courses that don't address your specific business needs, leaving you struggling to apply the knowledge to your unique situation. Instead of seeing your business flourish, you may find yourself overwhelmed with information but lacking the personalized guidance and support necessary for efficient business development. However, there is a solution: personalized coaching that provides tailored guidance and support for your entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode of Purposeful Podcasting, hosts Krystal Eicher and Wendy Guth share their personal insights on the topic of coaching versus courses in entrepreneurship. Drawing from their own experiences, Krystal and Wendy highlight the significance of personalized guidance and targeted growth, emphasizing the limitations of generic courses and the value of specialized help and accountability through coaching.

By recounting her journey of initially relying on courses and later recognizing the need for tailored support, Krystal provides a valuable perspective for entrepreneurs. She cautions against the inefficiencies of broad program courses and encourages prioritizing coaching as a valuable investment in business development. Through her candid reflections, both hosts underscores the importance of seeking personalized guidance and the potential impact on targeted growth, making this episode essential listening for entrepreneurs striving for more efficient business development.

The Value of Hiring a Coach

Deciding whether to invest in a coach or go the self-learning route is, without a doubt, a big dilemma for most entrepreneurs. While both methods have their benefits, a coach brings to the table a personalized approach that can accelerate progress for the business. A coach can provide the entrepreneur with a roadmap tailored to their business, identify pitfalls, and adapt the learning process according to the entrepreneur’s pace and understanding. Meanwhile, Krystal chirps in and illustrates the value of hiring a coach through her journey. She shares how Wendy's Rebel Ready program transformed her perspective towards coaching. Not only did it provide her a taste of accountability and validation, it also became her compass, preventing her from bright shiny squirrel syndrome and keeping her focused.

The Pitfalls of Generic Courses

Courses are ubiquitous and they come in all shapes and sizes. However, their generic nature often makes them less effective for entrepreneurs seeking to solve specific problems or challenges. Unlike coaching, there may be a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn't necessarily address distinct business needs and this can hinder progress.

In the podcast, Krystal brings this to light when she shares her experience with generic courses. Bombarded with a multitude of ads, she dabbled in numerous courses only to realize they didn’t offer the granular insight and guidance she needed. Her exploration of these generic courses highlights the potential for disappointment if they don’t align with specific business needs.

The Need for Accountability and Validation

The journey to entrepreneurship is indeed lonely but having someone to share your successes and failures with makes it less daunting. Apart from tailored guidance, coaching offers accountability and validation. A coach can provide entrepreneurs with a much-needed confidence boost or a reality check, pivotal in making critical decisions. The benefits of having a coach who could confirm or correct your courses of action are invaluable to personal entrepreneurial growth.

The Importance of Fit and Personalization

Just like in every relationship, fit and personalization are key in ensuring the success of the coaching process. It's essential to choose a coach that resonates with you, one who understands your unique needs and preferences. Doing so ensures a harmonious working relationship that empowers you to make brave decisions and explore uncharted territories. Listening to Krystal articulate her personal experiences with various courses and her eventual turn to a coaching program underscores this point beautifully. She highlights the advantage of tapping into the Rebel Ready program that was able to provide a tailored approach, allowing her to extract maximum value and truly advance her business goals.

Scaling vs. Foundational Set-up

There's a familiar and tempting story in the business community: scale fast and scale big. However, one must ensure all the foundational elements are in place first before investing in scaling strategies. This will help avoid potential hiccups or confusion later on. Wendy underlines this concept in her narrative. She urges fellow entrepreneurs to focus on understanding their business intimately before jumping into advanced courses or strategies. By doing so, they can set a solid foundation and save precious time, money, and effort in the long run.

Interested in coaching with the Serendipitous Rebels? You can learn more and book a call with Krystal here.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 - The Value of Hiring a Coach
The benefit of hiring a coach is that they are further along in the journey and can provide specialized help and guidance to pull you along in your business.

00:05:55 - The Pitfalls of Generic Courses
Generic courses can leave you with more questions than answers, especially when offered by big name gurus. It's important to ask the right questions and seek personalized guidance from a coach or consultant.

00:08:44 - The Need for Accountability and Validation
Coaching provides the accountability and validation needed to stay on track and make progress in the business, especially for busy entrepreneurs juggling multiple responsibilities.

00:11:40 - The Importance of Fit and Personalization
It's crucial to find the right container for your knowledge and skills, whether it's a course, membership, coaching, or other options. Personalized guidance from a coach can help determine the best fit for your business.

00:16:25 - The Vulnerability of Working with a Coach
Working with a coach can be a vulnerable experience, and it's important to find the right fit. Despite past negative experiences, it's essential to keep trying and seeking the right coach for personalized guidance and support.

00:16:47 - The Vulnerability of Seeking Help
The guest discusses the vulnerability of seeking help and the challenges of putting oneself on the spot. They also reflect on how hiding behind courses can be detrimental to personal growth.

00:19:27 - The Value of Lower Ticket Courses
The conversation delves into the value of lower ticket courses for testing out coaches, teaching styles, and learning basic skills like business registration. They also emphasize the importance of staying updated with changing landscapes.

00:22:38 - Scaling vs. Foundational Set
The discussion explores the importance of setting foundational pieces in one's business before rushing into scaling. It also highlights the need for asking the right questions and understanding one's business intimately.

00:25:56 - The Role of Coaching and Strategy
The conversation touches on the distinction between coaching and strategy, emphasizing the importance of coaching for personal growth and the need for purpose-driven individuals in coaching. The guest also shares their core values and purpose.

00:31:59 - Closing Thoughts and Call to Action
The hosts thank the listeners and invite them to subscribe, emphasizing the importance of leaving a rating if they enjoyed the podcast. They also encourage listeners to submit topics for future episodes.

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