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The SAVOUR Method: Achieve Entrepreneurial Success Through Holistic Living

Savour Your Journey: Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Success with Savour Framework

December 18, 20238 min read

Do you feel like you are savouring the journey?

Does it ever start to feel like you're constantly juggling the demands of your business and personal life without truly finding fulfillment in either?

You've probably been told to just work harder and push through the challenges, only to find yourself feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and lacking the success you desire. The pain of constantly sacrificing your well-being and happiness for the sake of your business is all too real, and it's time to break free from this cycle.

It's time to discover the Savour framework for entrepreneurial success and unlock the secrets to holistic growth that will bring you increased fulfillment and confidence in your entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode of the Purposeful Podcasting, hosts Wendy and Krystal delve into the concept of Savour, drawing from their personal experiences to develop this framework for entrepreneurial success. Through Wendy's challenges as a travel advisor during the pandemic and Krystal's insights on aligning passions with business, they emphasize the significance of stepping out of comfort zones, prioritizing self-care, and celebrating achievements. The hosts discuss the importance of savouring life, aligning business with personal strengths, and finding joy amidst challenges. They highlight the essential elements of self-care, community, and gratitude, offering practical strategies and insights for female entrepreneurs seeking fulfillment and confidence in their entrepreneurial endeavors. This episode provides a roadmap for savouring life and business, making it essential listening for female entrepreneurs looking to harness their passions, embrace self-care, and infuse gratitude into their entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the Savour™ framework for entrepreneurial success and unlock the secrets to holistic growth.

  • Embrace the importance of self-care for female entrepreneurs and learn how it can enhance your business and personal life.

  • Align your business with your passions and strengths to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey.

  • Celebrate achievements and practice gratitude to cultivate a positive and empowered mindset for success.

  • Find joy and fulfillment in life as a female entrepreneur by exploring holistic strategies for overall well-being.

The Importance of Celebrating Accomplishments

Celebrating your achievements, no matter how big or small, is not only about boosting your confidence; it's also about acknowledging your progress. It boosts motivation for future accomplishments and breeds a sense of self-appreciation that contributes to a growth mindset. After all, cheering ourselves on is what keeps our spirits high. During their discussion, Krystal and Wendy emphasized recognizing and celebrating daily and weekly achievements. Wendy even mentions the importance of ritualizing gratitude and celebration, as these small rituals help wind down the day and foster a sense of satisfaction. This practice helps remind us that every step taken is an achievement worth celebrating.

The Essence of Savour Methodology

If you've ever wondered about the magic formula created by Wendy that propels successful entrepreneurs, you might find yourself surprised at its simplicity. It's called Savour, and it's all about balance, self-awareness, and connection. Savour breaks down into six components: stepping out of your comfort zone, aligning your passions and interests, venturing under your own power, connecting and reconnecting with others, unwinding with self-care, and ritualizing gratitude and celebration. Each piece of the Savour framework seamlessly dovetails into the next, creating a powerful, holistic approach to success in both life and business. In the podcast, Wendy breaks down the concept of Savour she developed during her struggling times. You can relate to her when she describes going out of her comfort zone as it signifies the importance of pushing beyond personal limitations to achieve transformative experiences. Wendy’s explanation of each component showcases it as a blueprint to success, incorporating all the essential elements for everyone desiring to carve a niche for themselves as entrepreneurs or business owners.

Finding Your Niche in Business

Entrepreneurship is all about finding your niche - that perfect intersection where your skills, interests and market demands meet. Remember, what works for one person may not for another because it's all about compatibility with your mission, vision, interests, and strengths. You can't miss the lively example Krystal shares about a friend who triumphed over an online knitting course. A keen eye would capture that the secret sauce wasn't knitting per se but the alignment of passion and expertise wrapped in the package of knitting. In the same breath, Krystal also gives us a reality check, sharing that this model wouldn't fly for her due to her disinterest and skill gap in knitting. This tale subtly points to the truth that success is subjective, and the path to it largely depends on personal strengths and interests, thus reinforcing the importance of finding one's niche business.



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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 - The Essence of Savour Methodology
Wendy and Krystal discuss the Savour methodology, which focuses on stepping out of comfort zones, aligning with passions and interests, and rooting into purpose to achieve independence, confidence, and joy.

00:01:03 - The Mission of Serendipitous Rebel
The hosts explain the mission of Serendipitous Rebel, which is to help people savour their lives. They aim to highlight adventure-loving, purpose-driven, authentic entrepreneurs who leverage profit in their businesses.

00:01:43 - The Origin and Elements of Savour
Wendy shares the origin of Savour as an acronym, with each letter representing a pillar of the methodology. The elements include stepping out of comfort zones, aligning with passions, venturing under one's own power, opening to connections, unwinding with self care and ritualizing gratitude and celebration.

00:04:33 - Application of Savour in Personal and Professional Life
The hosts discuss how the Savour methodology can be applied in both personal and professional life, emphasizing the importance of aligning passions with entrepreneurial pursuits and taking proactive steps to achieve independence, confidence, and joy.

00:16:51 - Empowerment through Uncomfortable Growth
The conversation concludes with the acknowledgment of the discomfort and empowerment that comes with stepping out of one's comfort zone and venturing into the unknown as an online business owner. The importance of aligning personal passions with professional endeavors is highlighted.

00:17:33 - Importance of Self-Care in Business and Life
Krystal and Wendy discuss the importance of incorporating self-care into daily routines, especially for female online business owners. Wendy emphasizes the need for self-care to prevent businesses and families from struggling.

00:19:35 - The Importance of Celebrating Accomplishments
The conversation highlights the significance of celebrating personal and professional achievements. It emphasizes the need to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of being an online business owner, mom, and wife.

00:21:18 - The Practice of Gratitude and Reflection
Krystal and Wendy encourage taking time to reflect on weekly achievements, whether big or small, and to celebrate them. They stress the importance of gratitude and appreciation for personal and business growth.

00:24:09 - Importance of Physical Movement and Positive Psychology
The discussion focuses on the significance of physical movement and its impact on mental and physical health. It also touches on the principles of positive psychology and the scientific study of the good life.

00:27:00 - Savouring Life and Enjoying the Moment
Krystal and Wendy emphasize the need to savour life and enjoy the present moment. They discuss the individuality of savouring life, finding passion in movement, and aligning business strategies with personal strengths and passions.

00:33:54 - Finding Your Niche in Business
The importance of aligning your business with what works for you and knowing your endgame to avoid failure. Different business models such as selling courses, coaching, or service providing are discussed.

00:34:23 - Making Any Idea Stick
Emphasizing the idea that almost anything can be successful if it aligns with your skills and passions. An example of someone's success in selling knitting courses is mentioned.

00:36:05 - Serendipitous Rebel's Mission and Vision
The evolution of the podcast's mission and vision, including the concept of savouring your life. The podcast aims to help others savour their lives and find joy without actively seeking it.

00:37:24 - Embracing a Joyful Life
Discussing the desire for individuals to live a joyful life and the importance of having pillars or steps to achieve that. Personal experiences of finding joy even during challenging times are shared.

00:39:02 - Articulating the Business's Purpose
The hosts articulate their role as business and marketing coaches who help clients savour their lives and align with their passions and purpose. They explain the various aspects of their coaching approach, including self-care, community connection, and gratitude recognition.

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