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June 2022

Mastermind VS Masterminding
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Ep. 05 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Mastermind VS Masterminding

Masterminds VS Masterminding: What’s the difference?

When it comes to Masterminds, there is not a one size fits all approach to the way you can run your mastermind. While we find masterminds an important compononent of entrepreneurship, we do things a little differently at Serendipitous Rebel.

We believe in mastermindING – making you an active participant in the mastermind experience. Where you are learning and discussing your business through movement and on the go. That’s the Serendipitous Rebel Way.

So this week we are discussing the Serendipitous Rebel difference in a mastermind experience and invite you to experience it with us – Masterminding your way to a better, more profitable business.

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Pacing In Your Business

Ep. 04 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Pacing In Your Business

Do you consider pacing in your business?

Most people enter entrepreneurship and think that they will be an overnight success. They also have a hard time estimating time and timing.

In this episode we talk about prioritizing consistency over intensity, how to look at different seasons in your business, and how to learn to back off so that you can avoid burnout in your business.

Do you recognize the seasons in your business? How about the seasons in your life?

At what point do you ramp up to meet a goal? At what point do you finally let your food off the gas and ease up?

That was the question that started off this conversation here at Serendipitous Rebel.

Often as entrepreneurs (and let’s face it – as a society) we tend to value intensity over consistency. 

The problem is that we are also a society that has a hard time maintaining focus and often finds ourselves in burnout.

So what should one do?

In the end it comes down to setting goals that are attached to a purpose, and then continually evaluating the goal. Then determine a pacing and milestones that will help you achieve your goals that stay in alignment with your purpose and priorities.

Easier said than done, right?

So let’s break it down:

  1. When you set your goals, ask yourself the following:
    • Is this in alignment with my purpose and priorities?
    • What are the objectives?
    • How will I measure my success?
  2. How can I break this down into incremental milestones along the way?
    • How will you celebrate your incremental milestones?
  3. Build in slower seasons
    • You can’t always be in launch/promotion mode. You need to have slower seasons for you AND your clients.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time.
  5. Learn when  your peak moments and times are.
    • All of us function differently. Stop trying to fit your personality and life into the habits and routines of gurus that don’t have to manage the same priorities that you do. Some of us are morning people. Some of us are not.
  6. Intentionally build in your down time and time for your priorities that are NOT work focused.

Finally, identify and recognize your season and take a deep breath. Collectively let’s let go of the idea that it all must be done TODAY or that we have to have it all figured out and buttoned up by the time we are 30 (Wendy and Krystal are well past that deadline anyway!). Pace yourself. This life – this business – it’s a marathon – not a sprint. And there are no prizes for finishing first. Just the same medal for crossing the finish line that we all get.

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Ep. 3 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Is There Such Thing As Balance?

As an entrepreneur everyone wants to espouse the importance of balance. But is achieving balance even obtainable?

From claims to a 4 hour work week to “I make 6 figures and only work 20 years a week,” there is a lot in the industry sold as achievable and possible, but we want to challenge that idea.

Can you work only 20 hours and make 6 figures – maybe? On year 7 or with a team of people working for you….but right out of the gate – yeah – probably not.

Setting realistic expectations about your business and your priorities is essential about how you feel balanced in you life and your business. In this episode we dive into those ideas.

As two working moms, we really feel the pinch of feeling unbalanced as working moms, mompreneurs, and females in this space.


A majority of the family responsibilities of housework, parenting, childcare, etc. often fall disproportionately on the shoulders of women.

In fact one of the reasons many women enter in the entrepreneurial space is to have more freedom and flexibility to take care of their children. But that often becomes a double edge sword.

Now that our schedules are more flexible, we are even more predisposed to have to take kids to appointments, take off when kids are sick, or take the calls needed for kids from school, etc because our spouses are working a more traditional 9 to 5.

The flexibility ends up biting some of us in the ass.

That’s why when we hear things like “work just a few hours a week and make 6 figures” and “let’s work a 4 hour workweek” really chap our ass. It’s the snake oil that lures a lot of women into the online business space, but when the rubber meets the road you start to feel more off balance than ever as the roles and responsibilities of motherhood and wife do not let up as you take on the role of entrepreneur.

It sets up unrealistic expectations about what it means to be an entrepreneur. The fact is that most entrepreneurs are not instantly profitable in their first year of business. It takes a lot of hustle in the early days to get a business off the ground. Likely, you will work at least 40 hours to get your business off the ground, and will do so for little or no money.

So for many of us, you have to decide: What is your priority in this minute? Is it your family? Is it your business and career? If it’s the former (family) then you will have to accept that it will take longer for your business and career to take off. If it’s the latter (and by the way there is NO wrong answer to which you prioritize) then you will have to accept that you will have less time with your family while you nurture your career/business.

Whichever is the priority, part of balance in your life is accepting that things will never be perfectly balanced. It is about holding up the thing you prioritize a little higher without completely dropping the scale on the other side. It’s by no means 50/50. It is; however, life as us entrepreneurs know it.

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Ep 01 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Introducing the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast


We are so excited to introduce our brand new podcast Serendipitous Rebel. 

This is THE podcast for action minded, purpose driven, authentic, rebellious entrepreneurs – just like us. 

And just like you, we are trying to figure this shit out. Join us as we dive into all things entrepreneurship – from systems, to finding balance as an entrepreneur, dissecting our marketing and strategies and everything in between. 

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Ep. 02 Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – Systemizing Your Business

Welcome to the Serendipitous Rebel Podcast – THE podcast for adventurous, purpose driven, authentic entrepreneurs.

We are entrepreneurs just like you trying to figure shit out.

In this episode we are talking about systems.

Systems are the organized collection of subsystems that are integrated to accomplish an ultimate goal – or in other words the things we use to get shit done.

Without effective systems in place, your business will always feel frenetic. They are the foundations of your business. It’s more than just having a CRM in place. It’s how you function. It’s hard. It’s challenging. And we are talking through how we are setting things up at Serendipitous Rebel.